bbBolt Shortcodes

bbBolt can accept new registrations from within the support slider and on the front-end of your bbBolt server’s website.

To offer registration on the front-end of your site, you must use shortcodes. bbBolt provides a shortcode to customise every possible step in the registration process.

All possible registration steps are:

  1. Display subscription details & registration form;
  2. Registration completed;
  3. Registration cancelled; and
  4. User logged in.

The Skinny

The minimum shortcode to offer front end registration form is:


Default Registration FormIncluding this shortcode within a page or post will serve up the default views for each step in the bbBolt registration process.

The default registration form looks something like the image to the right. It includes a brief description of the subscription; username, email & password fields; and the Pay with PayPal button.

Default Registration Complete OutputOnce a user creates a subscription with PayPal and returns to your site, bbBolt will display the default registration complete and user logged in views.

By default, these are nothing more than a success notification.

The default output is a little bland, so let’s look at how to customise the content display at each step in a bbBolt registration.

Shortcode Enclosed Content

Each step in the registration process has its own shortcode, and each shortcode can  include enclosed content. The order of shortcodes is not important, but every shortcode must be included within the [bbbolt_registration_page] shortcode.

Below is an example of a custom registration process. A shortcode for every step of the registration process is used and each step includes custom content.



Welcome to the bbBolt registration page!

This content will show only when a user visits this page and is not logged in.

To get the most from this site, subscribe with the details below:

The signup form with appear below this content. 



Thanks for registering!

This content only shows when a user returns after a successful subscription payment with PayPal. You may want to include a download link or welcome instructions here. 



This content will show when a logged in user visits this page. 



Bonus Shortcode

Rather than hardcoding your subscription details – price/period – bbBolt offers a subscription details shortcode.


By default this shortcode will output something like the following:

<div id='bbbolt-subscription-details' class=''>
	$19.00 sign-up fee then $6.00 per month

By default, this shortcode will be included just before the registration form within the [bbbolt_registration_form] shortcode. You can customise where the details are displayed by including it within the content you enter within the [bbbolt_registration_form] shortcode.

This shortcode does not accept any content, but you can filter the default subscription details string using the 'bbbolt_subscription_details' filter.

Custom Subscription Description

Now you may also want to customise the subscription description, which once again is possible with enclosed content. To make the details in your description dynamic, you can include shortcode variables. These are subscription details within curly braces – {} – and prefixed with a dollar symbol – $.

For example:

Neato subscription for {$amount}/{$period} with a {$initial_amount} sign-up fee.

Will out put:

Neato subscription for $6.00/month with a $19.00 sign-up fee.

Notice that it will not be output into a div or with any other markup – you are in complete control of that when specifying content.

You can include any item in the server’s PayPal subscription object through an appropriate {$example} variable within the subscription details shortcode.

And there you have it. Completely customisable front-end registration system. Now have at it!