Accepting Subscriptions with PayPal

PayPal is integral to bbBolt. It manages all subscription payments through its recurring payment system. This section covers setting up PayPal for testing and for production environments.

Set up your PayPal Business Account for Digital Goods

To accept payments via your bbBolt Server, you need a PayPal account.

If you do not already have a PayPal Business account, you can sign up on the PayPal Website. You should choose a Business account and then follow the steps below to set it up for Digital Goods with Express Checkout.

Once signed up, you must setup your Business Account. Click the My Business Setup link in the My Account Tools box displayed on the right hand side of the overview page of your account. Then in the first box titled Set up my payment solution click Change and choose PayPal for Digital Goods (Express Checkout). Your account is now ready for accept recurring payments via bbBolt.

PayPal Business Account Overview Page Screenshot

Step 1 - Click “My Business Setup”

PayPal Business Account Setup for Digital Goods Screenshot

Step 2 - Click “Change” & choose “Digital Goods”

 Set up a PayPal Sandbox Account

Before going live with your bbBolt Server, you should thoroughly test the sign-up process.

To do this, you can use the PayPal Sandbox.

The PayPal Sandbox is a mirror of the live PayPal website. Developers can use the Sandbox test environment to create and manage test accounts and their associated email and API credentials.

To create a Sandbox account, sign-up at the PayPal Sandbox.

Create Test Accounts

PayPal Sandbox Overview Page Screenshot

Preconfigured Test Accounts in PayPal Sandbox

Once you have created a PayPal Sandbox account, you can login at PayPal Developer Central and create preconfigured test accounts.

For testing bbBolt, you will need to create:

  • at least one Buyer account with an active credit card
  • at least one Seller account setup to use Digital Goods with Express Checkout

Digital Goods with Express Checkout

The second of these accounts can not be completed via the PayPal Sandbox website. You can create a Seller account but must then request a member of PayPal staff manually set your account to use Digital Goods for Express Checkout.

You can make this request by posting in this topic of PayPal Developer Network forums. PayPal staff are surprisingly prompt and your Sandbox account should have Digital Goods enabled within one business day.

You can learn more about developing for PayPal’s Digital Goods on the PayPal Developer Network.

Once you have created and correctly set up at least one buyer and seller account, you can login to the PayPal Sandbox to access the account’s API Credentials and view transactions.

PayPal API Credentials

As outlined in the section on setting up a bbBolt Server, you must provide bbBolt with your PayPal API Credentials. When logged into your PayPal account or Sandbox Account, follow these 4 steps to access your API Username, Password & Signature.

PayPal Account Overview Page Screenshot

Step 1 - Click "Profile"

Step 2 - Click "API Access"

Step 2 - Click "API Access"

Step 3 - Click "View API Signature" screenshot

Step 3 - Click "View API Signature"

Step 4 - Copy "API Credentials"

Step 4 - Copy "API Credentials"