For Plugin Developers

bbBolt makes it simple to provide premium support for your plugins. It manages paid subscriptions through PayPal and introduces a client-server model to bbPress to create a support system convenient for both you and your plugin’s users.

To setup a bbBolt Server, your site must already be running WordPress with bbPress plugin. This documentation does not cover installing this software, instead as the WordPress Codex has excellent articles on installing WordPress and installing plugins.

Instead, this documentation explains how to set up a bbBolt Server and integrate bbBolt with your plugin to provide a bbBolt Client to your users. There is also a section with instructions for configuring your PayPal account and accessing your PayPal API Credentials.

Intended Audience

This section of the documentation is intended for WordPress plugin developers. It assumes you are familiar with PHP and WordPress development. You do not need to understand the underlying code of bbPress, but will need to be able to install and activate bbPress on your site – don’t worry, it’s easy.

The documentation also expects that you have a web server setup that meets the requirements outlined in the Requirements section. It does not provide instructions for setting up this environment.


In order to run a bbBolt Server, you must have a server with the following:

  1. WordPress 3.1 or newer
  2. bbPress 2.0 (the bbPress Plugin) or newer
  3. PHP 5.2.4 or newer
  4. MySQL 5.0 or newer
  5. Apache or Nginx acting as the web server