Manage your Subscription

PayPal Subscriptions Overview Page Screenshot

PayPal Subscriptions Overview Page

You can view the details of your support subscriptions and cancel them at any time through your PayPal account.

To view your subscriptions, first login to PayPal. Once logged in, on your overview page, you will be presented with a list of transactions. On this page, you can click Details link next to any subscription to see the details of that subscription.

View Details of your Subscription

Recurring Payment Details Screenshot

Recurring Payment Details Page

The PayPal Recurring Payments details page lists all the information relating to your subscription.

From this page, you can view:

  • the price of the subscription;
  • frequency of payments (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly);
  • total number of payments made;
  • total payments remaining (if the subscription has a defined end date); and
  • which funding source will be used to pay for the subscription.

Cancel your Subscription

On the PayPal Recurring Payments details page, you can also cancel a subscription. Click the “Cancel” link at the top of the page, then click the corresponding golden “Cancel Profile” button.

Cancelling Recurring Payment Step 1 Screenshot

Step 1 - Click “Cancel” on Payment Details Page

Cancelling Recurring Payment Step 2

Step 2 - Click “Cancel Profile” on popup